The name Maarleveld

According to the Dutch Family Name Database of the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam is Maarleveld the name of a house in the place Egmond aan den Hoef in the province North-Holland.
The meaning of the name Maarleveld is probable field where marels, the folksname in North-Holland for the Black-tailed Godwit (Limósa limósa), brood.

Black-tailed Godwit
(Limósa limósa)

In 2015 the Godwit is choosen as
the national bird of The Netherlands

In the past the name Maarleveld for the same person was written different. In the documents of birth, baptize, marriage, death and bury in the Dutch archives I read the following namevariants:
Maarleveld; Maarleveldt; Maarlevelt;
Maareleveld; Maareleveldt; Maarelevelt; Maarlveld; Maarneveld; Maarteveld;
Maerleveld; Maerleveldt; Maerlevelt;
Mareleveld; Mareleveldt; Marelevelt;
Marelveld; Marelveldt, Marelvelt;
Marleveld; Marleveldt; Marlevelt;
Maarlevliet; Moreelveld.
All with or without the prefix 'Van'.
Nowadays only the name 'Maarleveld' and 'Van Maarleveld' do exist. On this moment there is not enough research to make a genealogy of the now living 'Van Maarlevelds'.
last modification: 25 april 2016